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August 28, 2009

Barn blocks are being painted! Here’s one in progress, a 54-40 or Fight block.Painting in Progress


New quilts posted

August 20, 2009

I finished up a couple of quilts this week. This one has been in the ufo pile for a while, and I finally got the nudge I needed to get it finished. It’s done from Ricky Tims’ “Kool Kaleidoscope” method. The title, “Red Feathers”, comes from the fact that the quilting is feathers in red thread.Red Feathers
AND, I’ve been not only painting quilt blocks to put on barns, we need to raise several thousand dollars to get this project rolling, so one of our fundraisers is a quilt raffle. I made this quilt for that purpose. It’s made using my freezer paper piecing technique, and quilted on my longarm.Along the Quilt Trail