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#3 is up!

September 24, 2009

WIRTH BARNWe mounted the third barn quilt today, and the largest. 54-40 or Fight went up on a barn a couple of miles north of Evart, MI, on 80th Avenue.

WIRTH BARN closeup


Another block is up

September 18, 2009

We mounted a 4 x 4 block on the building at the Evart airport yesterday. Apparently there is some history revolving around the Compass Rose pattern and small airports. I need to find out more about that.

Compass Rose on Evart Airport

Compass Rose on Evart Airport

The First One is UP

September 5, 2009

My grandson and I put up the first of the Osceola County Quilt Trail blocks on my garage this afternoon.Putting up the frame
Osceola Star