Flow River Flow

I just finished this quilt based on this photo I took of my grandson when we were on a hiking trip a couple of years ago. It was taken in Letchworth State Park in western New York.
river picture

I struggled a lot with how to make the background look like the river. I couldn’t get just the right blues, greens, browns for a solid piece of fabric, which was my first thought. Finally, I took the fabric that I had dyed, overpainted some of it, and some commercial batiks and cut some long skinny diamonds. That way I could give the colors some movement like the river flowing.


Mostly I am a piecer, so the applique and thread painting are not something I do regularly. I went through many changes of mind about how to accomplish my goals. In the end, several different techniques were used. The rocks are appliqued with turned under edges (invisible machine applique). The figure of my grandson was fused to stabilizer and thread painted. It was not attached to the quilt until after the background quilting was done.

Same with the tree branches.
The bright green weeds were fused and thread painted before quilting, but the flower heads were done after quilting. The leaves on the trees went through many idea changes. I fused two green fabrics together, and cut out leaf shapes with a “pinking” rotary cutter blade. When I placed them on the quilt, it was just too much and didn’t look right. So I went back and sliced the leaves up into smaller random shapes. They were placed on the quilt and held down with some machine stitching.


2 Responses to “Flow River Flow”

  1. terificreations Says:

    beautiful quilt!

  2. American Quilter's Society Says:

    Elsie, thanks for leaving your blog site for us to read, it’s a great blog. Check our facebook page on Friday to find out the winner of the Blog-of-the-Week!

    You do beautiful work; keep it up!


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