Bella’s Play Quilt

My grandson and his 20 month old daughter live with me. A while back, I made him a quilt using some of his grandpa’s old jeans, using lots of pockets. It was folded on a chair, and Bella kept dragging it onto the floor, opening it up and playing on it. She was fascinated by the pockets. So, rather than having her playing on his big quilt, I found a couple of pockets from an old pair of her daddy’s jeans and quickly made this little play quilt for her. I had no more jeans pockets, so I made some pockets out of some conversation prints and extra quilt blocks. I’m not sure what her reaction was when I gave it to her. It wasn’t delight. But a little bit later, I hung it over the back of the couch, and she pulled it down and put it on the floor. Later she was sitting on it, playing with something else, so I think she likes it. It’s not great in terms of design or workmanship, but the it wasn’t intended to be a showpiece. Just for fun.


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