Barn quilt design

I thought I would write a little bit about the process of designing a barn quilt. First we interview the barn owner, find out if they have a family quilt they would like to use as the basis for the design. I’ll walk you throough the Schmidt quilt as an example. The late Mrs. Schmidt’s grandmother made the Blazing Star quilt c. 1930, and it is a prized family possession.

I then isolate a part of the design from the quilt, one block or more, and draw that into my EQ6 quilt design program.

The block design i
s exported to another program where I can impose it onto a picture of the barn, to let the barn owner be able to visualize the finished product.

In the case of the Schmidt barn, they had two options for placement of the block on the barn, so I sent them a file with the block placed in both positions.

Once the design and color selections are made, the design is drawn onto primed MDO board and painted with exterior trim paint.


2 Responses to “Barn quilt design”

  1. An Interesting Piece of Quilting History | Your Patchwork Quilting Place Says:

    […] Barn quilt design « Ramblings from Elf’s Quiltorium […]

  2. Sarah Zimmerman Says:

    This is a wonderful and thoughtful “little” piece. Thank you for sharing!

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