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Fruit of the Spirit

July 28, 2010

A couple of years ago, our church added a new fellowship hall. The walls are off-white, very plain, especially one large wall that was kept open to be able to show pictures on it. Then we realized a problem with noise and needed to do something to absorb sound when large groups use the hall. The solution was to install some sound absorbing 4×8 panels–on the plain wall! They’re not the most beautiful things, and I had already gotten a project started for some hangings which I had planned to “group” in one area on the wall, leaving plenty of space for showing pictures. Now that plan was shot down. What to do? So I purchased some natural colored cotton duck and covered the sound panels. The guy who sold them to us said it was fine to cover them with fabric. Last week we finally hung the 9 “Fruit of the Spirit” hangings on the four large panels, leaving six 2×8’s for other artwork or whatever.

This shows the entire wall with all of the hangings. I’m also posting each panel separately so you can see the detail better. Each has a different pieced background and quilting design. The letters were made from enlarged computer fonts.