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A couple of new quilts

September 20, 2010

I haven’t done a lot of quilting this summer, what with being so busy with the barn quilts and other stuff (like a garden that went wild!) but I did recently complete these two.
The first one is my birthday quilt from blocks that my local quilt guild gave me for my birthday. We had a group of 12 people who each gave all 12 a fat eighth of a focus fabric, and we were to make each other a block on our designated “birthday month”. I set mine with a garden maze setting in order to make the quilt large enough for a queen size bed.

The second one is a commission quilt for my late husband’s cousin in Utah. He wanted a large wall hanging with a barn on it. His grandfather was a barn builder in the 1920’s, so I used one of the barns he built, which is still in the family, owned by another cousin, for the image.

It won first place viewer’s choice for wall hangings in our local quilt guild show last weekend. Now it is off to Utah.