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Heart of my Heart

April 30, 2012

I made this little quilt a while ago, to use as a class sample for a class that never made it off the ground. So it’s been waiting it’s turn for quilting and I finally got around to it last week. More practice on my new Tin Lizzie quilting machine.


Fruit of the Spirit

July 28, 2010

A couple of years ago, our church added a new fellowship hall. The walls are off-white, very plain, especially one large wall that was kept open to be able to show pictures on it. Then we realized a problem with noise and needed to do something to absorb sound when large groups use the hall. The solution was to install some sound absorbing 4×8 panels–on the plain wall! They’re not the most beautiful things, and I had already gotten a project started for some hangings which I had planned to “group” in one area on the wall, leaving plenty of space for showing pictures. Now that plan was shot down. What to do? So I purchased some natural colored cotton duck and covered the sound panels. The guy who sold them to us said it was fine to cover them with fabric. Last week we finally hung the 9 “Fruit of the Spirit” hangings on the four large panels, leaving six 2×8’s for other artwork or whatever.

This shows the entire wall with all of the hangings. I’m also posting each panel separately so you can see the detail better. Each has a different pieced background and quilting design. The letters were made from enlarged computer fonts.

Flowers for Spring

May 16, 2010

We’ve installed two more barn quilts, only this first one is on a house, a 4 foot Tulip Basket.

Yesterday we put this Amaryllis on an old barn.  The women who have lived in this place have always had wonderful flower gardens, so this block is in honor of all of them.

Next time, maybe I’ll have some actual fabric quilts to post.

Rising Star

May 6, 2010

Kettunen Center, near Tustin, MI, is a conference center and 4-H leader training facility. West Michigan Quilters Guild sponsored this Rising Star/4-H quilt block for their building. The center hosts several quilt retreats a year.

Flying High Ninepatch

May 6, 2010

John is a private pilot, and Mary makes nine-patch quilts to give as gifts. Both of them are represented in this Flying High Ninepatch block on their barn.

Broken Dishes

April 23, 2010

It’s been a while since I blogged. Much has happened since then. We have two more quilt blocks installed, and another one going up tomorrow. This Broken Dishes quilt is probably close to 100 years old, and is the source for the design of the quilt block on the Marion Historical Museum in Marion, MI
Some of the members of the Historical Society came and helped us paint the block by adding some embellishing to create the look of printed fabrics.

The block was mounted on a shed next to the main building, which houses the antique tool collection.

Another snowy day

December 23, 2008

We haven’t gotten completely dug out from the last snowstorm, and now another one! And it looks like more to follow. A good day for puttering around in the Quiltorium. I made a bib for my granddaughter, Bella, for Christmas. I used to make these by the gazillions when I did arts & crafts shows, back in the dark ages, but have not done any for several years.


Welcome to the Quiltorium

December 2, 2008

Greetings from snowy Michigan. Winter is starting off with a bang here. Good quilting weather! This is the view from the Quiltorium.

I recently became the owner of a longarm quilting machine, and my quilt shop owner trusted me to quilt this top for her. It was made by her husband’s mother, probably in the 1960’s.flower-garden-quilt-002flower-garden-quilt-004